the perceptual moment

THE PERCEPTUAL MOMENT: The Nature of Abstraction and the Abstraction of Nature

A three day outdoor painting and drawing intensive, visual boot camp, designed to throw the mid-range to advanced painter, in front of nature, into a more intimate working analysis of the perceptual moment, with the emphasis on color and composition. Not a class in making pretty pictures or anything related to “how to”, these days focus on clarified understanding of how we see and how that translates into the structure of the drawing or painting. Close attention will also be paid to drawing as a way of thinking graphically and for making the initial forays into visual inquiry. (We will not be concerned with rendering, illusionism or fool the eye, nor are these classes in any way related to the “plein air’ movement.) With painting, there is no “right” or “wrong” way and I always like to proceed from Degas’ premise that “I must impress upon myself that I know nothing at all, for that is the only way to make progress.”

Roughly 12 participants per group. These classes are offered in various venues around the country, individuals and Institutions may inquire for more information.