reframing the ordinary: drawing on the streets with a critical visual eye

REFRAMING THE ORDINARY: Drawing on the streets with a critical visual eye

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, PHILADELPHIA, July 13, 14, 2013
Contact the Dept of Continuing Education at PAFA, 215.972.7632
An intensive two-day outdoor drawing class devoted to learning HOW to see. To SEE, with a big S.

These days will introduce and cultivate the perceptual tools of rapid visual summation and notation, both in terms of how to understand what you see and how to remake that into clear and intelligent graphic formats on paper. Working in very ordinary places down in the old city of Philadelphia we will focus on noticing how the everyday is really extraordinary visually, and then with how to translate that awareness into drawing.
This is an intimate class for mid range to advanced painters, designers, photographers or architects, in which there will be a lot of focus on each participants work. Using pencils and litho crayons in sketchbooks, we’ll investigate issues of how to recognize and understand the interior structure of the “perceptual moment” through drawing. We’ll also use the digital camera as a viewfinder to examine and identify what camera vision does to our seeing and how camera informs and enhances direct perception. This is not a class for learning how to “render” or how to make “pretty pictures”.
Questions like what to look at, how to look and with what expectations, how to draw at different times for different needs, will fill these active days. We’ll practice a variety of methods of direct and concise graphic notation and also exercises related to memory training and visual muscle development. In slides and reproduction we’ll look at our own work in relation to work of great masters from the past and present.
To begin the class, the night before the first day there will be a 90 minute slide show at PAFA presenting a variety of visual documents like photographs, paintings and drawings whose forms and motivations shed light on and set the tone for our own considerations