perceptual urban tourism

perceptual urban tourism

Perceptual Urban Tourism

Classes forming in PHILADELPHIA, single day visual adventures.
For residents and visitors with or without developed drawing or photography “skills”, these days will open the eyes to recognizing and savoring the marvelous forms of simple, ordinary, everyday kinds of places in the city. The glories of a sidewalk, the spaces between things, light on a wall, the intervals between windows, how buildings meet the sky, a pale drain spout against a blue wall.

In the same spirit as “art appreciation” or “music appreciation” these classes are focusing on appreciation of visual form in our urban context. Not sociology, we will immerse ourselves in the intentional and accidental architectural forms of the city as seen and reconstructed though the eyes of a painter. Depending on the participants and the group, we will shape the approach accordingly. Some groups will be for looking only and using the phone camera or pocket size digital camera and others will be looking an simple drawing.

Walking in the old city, field sits (on chairs) in northern liberties, traveling in a van around fishtown – using the phone camera or pocket size digital camera and very simple drawing with a pencil in a sketch book, we’ll explore the shapes, sizes and colors of urban form and the translation of all of that graphically. Individual classes will have different focuses, depending on participant’s interests and backgrounds.

Oriented for architects, designers, photographers, or the lay person with no specific visual training but a passion and interest for looking.

If you live in the city, are going to be in the city for a conference, vacation, if you are traveling here with a friend, spouse, partner who is looking for things to do in Philadelphia, this class, regardless of time of year could be an illumination.

In group format or individual or pair tutorials, contact ___________________ for more information.